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AddQ is a company specializing in testing and quality assurance of business-critical IT systems. Our services are characterized by our professionalism and business focus and it always have a connection to deliver business value. Therefore, we have invited the father of SBTM and Exploratory Testing.

James has extensive experience in testing and programming. Since 1987, James is working exclusively with quality assurance and helps teams and individuals to plan quality assurance and testing processes. The techniques and methodologies James will share during the training comes largely from his work with companies around the world.

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Duration: 2 days Price: 13.900 kr excluding VAT


This unique 2-day course introduces you to ”Rapid Software Testing”, it will give you the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions. This course provides hands-on demonstrations and drills as well as portable heuristics that help you create tests quickly.


  • How to immediately handle a product or product idea
  • How do we analyze a sample: heuristic or practice
  • How to test in spite of unclear or missing specifications
  • How to deal with overwhelming complexity or confusion
  • How do you know when to stop or terminate the testing process
  • How do you prepare and deliver an improvised test report

Who will benefit?

The course is mainly aimed at driven testers and/or test managers.

The course suits testers on any level, but seems to be most appreciated by experienced testers and test managers on their way to become experts within the test area. The course has proven to work at its best when the participants are driven by a strong critical thinking, just as a good tester should be. This allows the instructor to be challenged resulting in a higher quality of the course. AddQ wants to provide a course that give the most stimulating intellectual experience you can handle.

If no time is given to set up the test project, this course demonstrates how a small test project can be set up.

The course and the material are in English.

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