Rapid Software Testing for Programmers

  • Maybe you are a programmer, trying to identify and prevent important problems in your product before they affect your customers?
  • Perhaps you are a tester with skills in reading or writing code, on a mission to find problems in other peoples work?
  • Or maybe you are concerned about potential problems in a poorly documented third-party library or in legacy code?

No matter what, when you work with technology you will soon encounter challenging problems to solve.

Upcoming Courses

12-13 November
Location: Stockholm
Duration: 2 days Price: 13.900 kr excluding VAT


This course gives you experience in thinking like a professional tester. Rapid Software Testing is a universal methodology for testing. The course consists of both a mind- and skillset that can be applied whether or not you have the technical background. However, for people with coding skills there are additional dimensions to explore in the curriculum.

Testing problems will not arrive in nice and neat packages. They are often messy and obscure. And long before you can apply tools, or write code to resolve them, you have to identify their technical risk and consider the benefits and costs of various testing tactics. That is why this is not a course about canned test tools or how to use them. It will not cover the mechanics of “unit testing”, test-driven development, or any specific tool or technique. You can learn that by Googling.

We will exercise practical and Socratic questioning to explore the deep skills of Exploring, Framing, and Solving real testing problems using the perspective of a programmer.


  • Know how thinking like a Tester is different from thinking like a Programmer
  • Know why testing, like programming, cannot be automated
  • Know how fact checking can be automated to support testing
  • Know why confusing testing with fact checking is toxic to your work
  • Understand the different roles of technical tester and a self-testing developer
  • Perform exploratory test design, using focusing and de-focusing Heuristics
  • Understand testability, why it is critical and how to systematically foster it
  • Understand test strategies, and use the Heuristic Test Strategy Model to test systematically
  • Apply Oracle Heuristics and understand multi-level Oracle Design

Who will benefit

This course is for people who are comfortable with code (either by writing or reading it), and who wish to acquire a deep understanding of the nature of testing. The course is suitable for those that test their own code or that of other people, no matter what programming language you use.

Windows computers are required, although no coding will be necessary. We will look at running software and may use some tools as part of the course.

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